Très beau moment pour STAYC qui a quelque chose d’unique… Mais c’est pas le moment de raconter sa vie!!

Traduction des textes à l’écran, que je laisse en anglais parce que c’était déjà assez long de faire la trad!!

-« MUSIC BANK » First week of march, first place STAYC


(Talk) « First of all, thank you so much Music Bank for giving us our first win

« SWITH » (nom des fans), are you watching this?

We got first place for the first time, thank you so much…

Thanks to those are thankfull

Our HIGH-UP (leur label) family members are always so… They’re so nice to us.

Thank you so much for helping us have a great performance

We’ll continue to do our best on stage

Please show a lot of love for RUN2U

please watch the rest of STAYC RUN2U activities


Début musique:

Thank you to all our managers

*animal headband – GOT IT!*

*Perfect live performance from the first verse*


*Leader burst into tears…*



*I’ll throw everything away, if i have you, ,o worry, yeah* (leader: come here!)


« All together!! » *So i’ll run to you*

*Crying* * A little bit, little bit (young)*

*Tearfull live TT*


*THANK YOU » (juste magnifique et qui vient du cœur)


*Thank you Music Bank*

*STAYC, RIP off the live performance*

*SWITH bye, thank you❤️*

*I love you*

*💥once again, congratulation💥*

*Lets keep up the good work*



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